Tuesday, September 20, 2016
8:309:00Continental Breakfast
How to Build an Interactive Virtual Character
Dr. Zerrin Yumak, Interactive Virtual Worlds, Utrecht University
This tutorial will show how to build an interactive virtual character from scratch. It will start with an introduction of theoretical concepts and challenges in the design of interactive virtual characters. That will be followed by demonstrations of our research results on interactive virtual characters and social robots over the years. Finally, we will introduce our latest Interactive Virtual Human Controller developed at Utrecht University by combining research and off-the-shelf components. The tutorial intends to provide practical knowledge to young researchers and practitioners who are interested in developing their own interactive virtual character and doing research in this area.
9:5010:05Coffee Break
How to Build an Interactive Virtual Character (continued)
10:5511:10Coffee Break
How to Build an Interactive Virtual Character (continued)
12:0014:00Lunch on your own
The Sigma Cognitive Architecture and System
Dr. Paul S. Rosenbloom and Dr. Volkan Ustun, USC Institute for Creative Technologies
Sigma (Σ) is a nascent cognitive system – i.e., the beginning of an integrated computational model of intelligent behavior – built around an eponymous cognitive architecture (a hypothesis about the fixed structure underlying cognition). As such, it is intended ultimately to support the real-time needs of intelligent agents, robots and virtual humans. Its development is driven by four desiderata – grand unification, generic cognition, functional elegance, and sufficient efficiency – plus a unique blend of ideas from over thirty years of independent work in the areas of cognitive architectures and graphical models. Work to date on Sigma has covered aspects of learning and memory, perception and attention, reasoning and problem solving, speech and language, and social and affective cognition. It has also involved the development of multiple distinct types of intelligent agents and virtual humans. This tutorial covers the rationale behind Sigma, the basics of its design and operation, and a variety of results that have been generated to date with it.
15:3015:45Coffee Break
The Sigma Cognitive Architecture and System (continued)